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Pub Illustrations for Viva Brighton

The Hop Poles in Middle Street is a lovely orange brick and terracotta that has seen some interesting days, such as the elephants parading down to the Hippodrome, Brian Epstein drinking his pint while the Beatles were performing. It still has startling grafitti – watch out that the giant seagulls don’t get you for supper!!

The Hop Poles

The Hop Poles

On Balance

Fabrica, Duke Street, Brighton  5 April – 26 May

An installation of coloured ribbons hung from a square wire frame – great fun for the children to run through.  Also a floor of psychedelic squares/bathroom scales which did not seem to measure properly since they  gave different readings – so stick with your own bathroom scales!   Visit Fabrica for further information, as it says on the leaflet.


Sound in Motion

University of Brighton Gallery  3 – 25 May 2014

Two installations, one involving wires beating against the wall below and the other consisting of a wall of cardboard boxes on which balls suspended on wire beat continually.   Very syncopated.  I wanted a band to start playing as well.